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Welcome to Mountain House

Mountain House is the leading brand of freeze dried food in the US and has been the main choice of backpackers, hikers, campers and other outdoor enthusiasts for over 50 years. The team here at European Freeze Dry, England have developed a range of Mountain House meals specifically for the European market. When it comes to long term food storage, emergency preparedness and recreational activities we believe Mountain House to be the Number 1 choice.

Mountain House Meals are lightweight, convenient, nutritious and above all they taste great!

For a fully freeze dried range of fruits, cheese and savoury, why not view our new Lio-Licious web shop.

Where do you eat yours?

We'd love to know where your adventure takes you. Share your images here and we will send you a free gift :)

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Product Reviews

  • Mountain House Noodles and Chicken in a Black Bean Sauce

    This meal had a great flavor, it was nice and peppery. The chicken rehydrated really well and the meal didn't require as much water as the others, making it great for routes where water is scarce. We ate this one in the desert and found you could get away with adding less water than suggested on the instructions as well.

  • Mountain House Chilli Con Carne with Rice (Tin)

    This had a great spicy kick to the sauce, with a surprising (very good) amount of chilli- kudos! We really enjoyed this one.

  • Breakfast, Main Meal and Desserts Pack - Meat Free

    The meals were really good actually. Definitely one of the better that we tried.

  • Mountain House Smooth Oatmeal with Raspberry

    Very tasty and so easy to handle

  • Mountain House Spaghetti Bolognaise

    Really tasty, loads of calories, quick and convenient



  • I have bought Mountain House in bulk on two separate occasions from European Freeze Dry now and in both cases I was very pleased with the products supplied and the speed of delivery. Thanks.

    Alan, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

  • A quick thank you for getting my modest order to me in time for my trip. Joanne and the person I spoke to yesterday were really helpful for what was a relatively small order. Your attention was very much appreciated. Best regards and have a good weekend.


  • Races like the Adventure Racing World Championship, where we are on the move during day and night for more than 5-7 days, requires not only fitness, dedication and teamwork but also a huge amount of energy. We have had hundreds of Mountain House meals during racing and long training sessions for the last five years, as we have found that they well meet our demands and expectations for not only nutrients but also taste!

    Team Haglöfs Silva, 2nd Adventure Racing World Championship 2015