• I would just like to say how pleasant it has been dealing with your organisation, your prompt responses reflect well on you and your Company.

    Mark Basinger, UK
  • We have used Mountain house during our last two seasons of racing, including our 3rd place on the World Championship 2010 (spain), 1st place on Explore Sweden and the 1st Place Alpine Expedition Race (Switzerland). The food is very tasty and so easy to handle. Whenever we have a chance, we try to swap away some of the energyfood for a bag of Mountain house.

    Björn Rydvall, Silva Gerber Adventure
  • Finding the right food and nutrients is a real key-factor for success in Adventure Racing, since we need to constantly refuel our bodies during 5-6 days on nonstop-racing. During the last three years we have had the opportunity to re-fuel with meals from Mountain House. We like them a lot, Spaghetti Bolognese and the Salmon with potatoes are our favourites!

    Björn Rydvall, team Silva. 4 times World Championship Medalist in Adventure Racing
  • I've just competed this weekend in the Rab Mountain Marathon in the Cheviot Hills in Nth England and used the Mountain House freeze dried big pack meals for food, and wanted to say how absolutely brilliant they are. Really tasty, loads of calories, quick and convenient......... I'll be using them again on the OMM in 3 weeks time.

  • Off to North West Iceland, Hornstrandir National Park, for isolated walking. Needed high quality freeze dried meals, with extra protein and fruit for 17 days. Mountain House (European Freeze Dry) has supplied these again for me. Postal delivery and email replys very fast and friendly. I highly recommend them.

    Stuart Kite-Powell, Manchester
  • Chilli con Carne
    This had a great spicy kick to the sauce, with a surprising (very good) amount of chilli- kudos! We really enjoyed this one.
    Chicken in Black Bean Sauce
    This meal had a great flavor, it was nice and peppery. The chicken rehydrated really well and the meal didn’t require as much water as the others, making it great for routes where water is scarce. We ate this one in the desert and found you could get away with adding less water than suggested on the instructions as well.

    Ellie and Jack from their Icelandic Expedition July 2015

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Emergency Food

Emergency Food

Our Freeze Dried Meals and Home Ingredients are not just for outdoor use in fact we recommend that all homes keep a supply in for times of emergency.  Emergency Food in long shelf life and robust packaging means if they are kept under dry, sanitary conditions - such as the larder, garage or basement – the meals last for up to 25 years (tins). Ensuring the tins avoid any damage such as punctures, dents or rust guarantees you will have emergency food when you need it.

Emergencies of any type can happen at any time and by their very nature they often happen without warning. With a little planning ahead you can help reduce the stress of such situations for you, your family and those around you by keeping a contingency supply of Mountain House Meals. Keeping emergency food on hand for an emergency protects you in the same way as car insurance or house insurance does. With a supply of Mountain House freeze dried foods on hand, you can be ready for just about any unexpected crisis. Imagine, for instance, what a lifesaver these foods would be if your electricity supply was knocked out for several days by a storm. With Mountain House products on hand, a camping stove or candle to heat water and a tin opener you can still enjoy a hot, satisfying meal in less than 10 minutes.

Your dietary needs during a crisis are very different from your regular diet as your body requires high energy foods and foods rich in protein.  Our meals have been specially developed to be both high in calorie and protein enriched to provide a slow, sustained energy release rather than quick sugar fixes. Our freeze dried fruits are an ideal choice for emergency situations as they provide the body with the additional fibre and energy it needs.

We have developed the range of Mountain House Meals in tins for this very purpose as they have a proven shelf life of 25 years. The emergency food tins are airtight, water tight and extremely robust. They have the additional convenience of a plastic lid to provide an airtight seal keeping the contents fresh for up to 7 days after opening. To rehydrate the contents simply measure a portion, add boiling water, leave to stand for 8-10 minutes, stir and you have a delicious meal in minutes.

Prepare for the worst with the best…………….Mountain House.