• It was a great experience of convenience and all of the tested meals tasted very well.
    The preparation is really easy and the best way I could imagine compared with other ways like canned food.
    The light weight packages are so easy to store in the rucksack and the empty bags can also be used for other waste since they can be tightly closed.

  • The meals were really good actually. Definitely one of the better that we tried. Thanks again for sending them.

    Tim Moss FRGS, UK
  • We have had the opportunity to eat freeze dried food from Mountain House during our Adventure Racing seasons 2010 and 2011. Long adventure races, with a nonstop race time up to 6-7 days, required huge amounts of energy. We have learned that our performance is strongly enhanced when we refuel with high quality meals instead of snacks and sugar. Meals from Mountain House are very tasty, yet not too spicy, and easy to handle. If possible, we eat them every race day. Warm if possible, but often we enjoy them cold while on the move. Our favorites include Lasagna. Enjoy your meal!

    Björn Rydvall, Team Silva
  • Chilli con Carne
    This had a great spicy kick to the sauce, with a surprising (very good) amount of chilli- kudos! We really enjoyed this one.
    Chicken in Black Bean Sauce
    This meal had a great flavor, it was nice and peppery. The chicken rehydrated really well and the meal didn’t require as much water as the others, making it great for routes where water is scarce. We ate this one in the desert and found you could get away with adding less water than suggested on the instructions as well.

    Ellie and Jack from their Icelandic Expedition July 2015
  • I've just competed this weekend in the Rab Mountain Marathon in the Cheviot Hills in Nth England and used the Mountain House freeze dried big pack meals for food, and wanted to say how absolutely brilliant they are. Really tasty, loads of calories, quick and convenient......... I'll be using them again on the OMM in 3 weeks time.

  • I have bought Mountain House in bulk on two separate occasions from European Freeze Dry now and in both cases I was very pleased with the products supplied and the speed of delivery. Thanks.

    Alan, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

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Mountain House Meals

Mountain House is the leading brand of freeze dried food in the US and has been the main choice of backpackers, hikers, campers and other outdoor enthusiasts for over 40 years.

When it comes to long term food storage, emergency preparedness and recreational activities like camping, hiking, backpacking and sailing we feel Mountain House has to be the number 1 choice. That's because Mountain House has been recognised as the best tasting freeze dried meal. Mountain House is convenient, easy to prepare and has a long shelf life.

All our meals have been developed in-house by European Freeze Dry, England to cater to the specific needs of the end user. We understand the importance of a wholesome, hearty and nutritious meal under extreme conditions and believe our meals deliver on every aspect.

Our meals are unique in that they are truly freeze dried – by this we mean we develop the recipe, cook the complete meal as you would at home then put through the freeze drying process. Our advanced yet gentle freeze drying process preserves the meal in optimum condition so that it can be rehydrated quickly and easily restoring the original flavour, texture and above all freshness of the meal like the day it was prepared.

Mountain House meals have great natural flavours, resulting from the extensive use of natural ingredients rather than artificial additives.

By freeze drying the complete meal we feel we can offer a superior meal solution to many others as our testimonials can confirm. 

Our meals are currently available in 3 pack sizes:

  • Serves 1 – providing a nutritionally balanced meal for one adult.
  • Big Pack – serving 2 smaller appetites or 1 hearty appetite.
  • Tins – bulk supply of multiple servings.